Reasons you are not being followed on Twitter


There are many common mistakes that businesses make on Twitter and these often translate into low follower numbers or in the reluctance of people to follow you in the first place.


The process is this; people have discovered you on Twitter or perhaps you have followed them. At this stage, they will take a look at your Twitter feed and make a decision whether or not to follow you. At this 'decision' stage your account needs to be optimised to ensure that this initial interest converts into a follower.


To my mind, there are 12 basic reasons why people choose not to follow you on Twitter;


1. You have no user avatar (or it is not reflective of your business).  You still have the Twitter 'egg' and this indicates that you have no interest in investing your time in managing your account.

2. You list no location, no website, or no bio.  How is anyone meant to determine your value to them based on this lack of basic information?.

3. Your “website” listed is a Facebook profile.  Again this would indicate that you are not a legitimate business.

4. You’re following over 1000 users, have 10 followers, and no updates or you haven't tweeted for many months.  This has no value to prospective followers.

5. Your business is of no interest to people.  No-one will follow you if they see no value in what you have to say or indeed, what you have to sell.  This is the most logical reason why people don't follow you. If you have targetted followers from an unsuitable demographic then you should always expect this result.

6. Your updates clearly indicate that your Twitter activity is always, only, about pushing your own service/product.  Overt constant 'selling' is a massive turn-off to prospective followers.

7. You send poorly-constructed auto-DMs to new follows with a further generic sales message.  Direct messages asking you to validate using True-Twit are also turn-offs.  In fact any automated message does more harm than good and many choose to unfollow someone they've just followed if they see this response.

8. Your most recent updates make references to any need to achieve “more Twitter followers” or are asking/beggging for retweets.  Team followback and other such nonsense implies that follower numbers are more important than real relevant contacts.  

9. Your Twitter stream indicates a propensity for consistent arguing, bitching or general nastiness.

10. Your tweets features too many hashtags, conversations and @mentions.  These make tweets really difficult to read and are a bit of an irritation.

11. Your tweets are copies of truncated Facebook updates.  If I wanted your facebook updates, I would 'like' you on facebook and not follow you on Twitter.  Go Away!  

12. You tweet too much and will clog up my timeline if I follow you


Avoid these mistakes and I can guarantee you that your conversion levels will improve and you follower numbers will grow accordingly. Good luck!

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