Twitter Support Package


Twitter is not going away. Recently Twitter celebrated reaching 100 million global active users with a flurry of fresh statistics, from which we learn that the service averages 230m tweets a day and that half the active user base accesses Twitter daily. In the UK, Twitter is the fastest growing Social Media platform and is increasingly used by businesses to reach their core market customers.


“If your customers are on Twitter then you need to be on Twitter too”


There is no business out there that will not benefit from an effective Twitter strategy and a professionally managed Twitter account. 

A successful Twitter campaign is all about the numbers. It is all about how many people you have in your network of followers, who they are and how you can influence them to benefit your business.   

The hardest part of setting up a Twitter account for your business is growing these follower numbers from zero to a point where they will bring value to your business.  During this time, you will need to ensure that your tweets are relevant, regular and interesting enough to make it more likely that people will follow you.  This whole process will take time and as a consequence will cost you money. 


It is about the quality of your followers and not the quantity


This is not strictly true, it is about both. The smaller your network of followers, the less chance there is of your message being seen and the less relevant your followers, the less chance there is that your message will be acted upon. 

A tweet is only seen on a person’s timeline for a very short time, usually only a matter of seconds, and only around 10% of Twitter users are actually ‘watching’ Twitter at any one time. On this basis, the chance of your tweet being seen and acted upon is minimal unless the numbers are in your favour.


Growing your Twitter follower numbers


This is the first phase of any effective Twitter strategy. It can last between 4 and 6 months.  The goal here will be to build a follower network from the client demographic that you are looking to engage. During this initial stage, content (that is your tweets) is important but is secondary to the identification and targeting of specific followers.  Being an open platform, there is much information you can learn about the people who use Twitter including where they are based, what their interests are and who they follow. Once they have been identified, they will need to be alerted to the fact that you are on twitter and brought into your network. This is achieved through a combination of direct tweets, follows and using associated accounts to re-tweet your messages. For example, it may be that your suppliers are already on Twitter and will be happy to mention you to their followers and this regular activity will drive follower growth.  

It is this phase where an outsourced harvesting strategy can be the best use of your resource.  If you are not a regular Twitter user and have little time available for this targeted approach, then a cost of around £150 per month would be a good use of your money.  Compare this cost to your internal cost of running this project to achieve the same results. 


Cost per follower


If you had to pay Twitter to promote your tweet or your company in order to generate new followers, then this cost would work out to be between £2 and £3 for each follower you bring into your network.

For my existing clients, and based on outsourced project costs, I have been able to generate a cost per follower of less than 50p. I would also argue that these followers are going to be more relevant to your business than those achieved through online advertising.  Followers are sourced specifically from the demographic group you are looking to reach and as such are highly targeted and researched.


So what can I expect to see for my money in the short term?


In addition to growing your followers by a minimum of 300 per month and expanding your network, there are two ways in which this initial activity will drive results;

  1. Increase in traffic to your website
  2. Improved search engine rankings

The increased website traffic can be measured from day one using an analytics tool such as Google analytics.  Using Twitter as a delivery tool to your website is a lot more cost effective than paying SEO companies or paying for Google ad words.


How about the longer term?


The good news is that once you have built a strong and active follower network, you can start to reap the rewards of your investment.  This is a live database that you will now own and you can engage them directly.  You will no longer have to pay commissions to third parties to promote your services or even pay for advertising in the old fashioned sense.

For just £150 a month, I will manage your Twitter program in its entirety. Providing you with a guarantee of ‘quality’ follower growth, a full comprehensive and effective strategy and ensuring that your tweets are regular, targeted and relevant.


If you are interested in how Twitter will be able to work for your business or for a free consultation session, then please send me an email me on or call me on 07791 886 258 and I will be happy to help.