Grant has worked with our three hotels over the last 3 years to build our social media profile, particularly on Twitter. During this time Grant has produced exceptional results, demonstrated a great knowledge of Twitter and worked well with anyone in our company he has communicated with. We are very pleased with the results and have been able to track ROI from the investment in managing our social media and without Grant's efforts this would not have been possible.

Robert Smith | completehotelsservices.co.uk

Like many people, I have been using social media for quite some time now, both for my own uses and also for my clients, especially Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter I felt less at home with, especially in terms of building my network, communicating effectively in 140 characters and generating action. Grant is a specialist in Twitter and I engaged him for 3 months to train me and improve my understanding and use of Twitter, which he has done superbly, with skill and enthusiasm. 

Craig Holden | c-h-m.co.uk