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Twitter spam followers and Google search implications

  It may feel quite empowering to open Twitter in the morning to find that you are being followed by 20 new people.  More often than not, they are nice looking girls with profile pictures (not eggs) and I wonder why they are following me...

Latest trend for 'buying' followers - Is this really a good idea?

  There has been a lot on the press recently about people and businesses buying followers on Twitter.  Who wouldn't be tempted to have a ready audience for your service or product for less than the price of an evening out? If only it wa...

#Hashtags - Do's and Don'ts

  The hashtag was originally a means through which we could, within electronic communication platforms, identify groups and topics of interest and join in discussions with others interested in the same topic. It started on IRC networks b...

The Value of Video for Search Engine marketing

  Internet marketing makes it possible for smaller organizations and businesses to succeed in a big market at the fraction of the cost of conventional advertising. In contrast to standard advertising and marketing programs, internet marketing...

When you don't know what to tweet about - Eight suggestions for you

  I am often asked by my clients as to what they should be tweeting about, so here are some ideas to keep that Twitter 'Writer's Block' at bay.   Eight ideas for what you can tweet about when you don’t know what to tweet about You...

Hotel Insight

How do Yelp filter out the bad reviews? [video]

You may remember I recently posted an interview with a friend who is working for Yelp, and we discussed their review product and how hoteliers can manage their online reputation.  This got me thinking – it’s a big claim when any review site tells you that their reviews are genuine.  But how do companies filter […]

Think Travel with Google – video conference clips [video]

I stumbled upon these two videos uploaded to YouTube over the last few days from a travel/internet conference in South America “Think Travel with Google”.  The first has a speaker, Lothaire Ruellan from Google discussing analytics and data for travel, the second on where Google fits into travel by the CEO of The Futures Agency. […]

Hospitality News

Hilton Paris Opera To Debut in January 2015 Following $50 Million Renovation

Hilton Paris Opera will debut in January 2015 following the completion of an extensive $50 million restoration and enhancement program. Formerly known as the Concorde Paris Opera, the 268-room Hilton Paris Opera will offer travellers a modern blend of history and glamour, with sleek styling in celebration of the 125-year legacy of this classic Parisian hotel.

Q3 2014 Greek Hospitality Industry Performance

International tourist arrivals at the main airports of Greece increased by 1.6 mn up to September 2014, representing an increase of 14.3%. The main contributor is Athens, as the city received 600,000 international tourists more than last year up to September; an increase of 28.3% and thus recovering –in terms of arrivals- in one year a decline of 5 years. The Athens Hotel Association, the Athens International Airport, Aegean Airlines and Marketing Greece are working together to further improve the city's performance.

Hotel Marketing

China business travel spend to surge

The GBTA forecasts China's total business travel spend to grow 15.9% in 2014 to $262 billion USD, and grow by another 18% in 2015. China remains poised to overtake the U.S. as the top business travel market in the world.

Marriott offers free Wifi for customers booking direct

Starting Jan. 15, Marriott International will provide free WiFi at full-service hotels for Marriott Rewards loyalty members who book through Marriott channels. Platinum and Gold Elite members will continue to receive free enhanced WiFi, a service that enables users to download large files faster and view streaming media such as movies.