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Twitter spam followers and Google search implications

  It may feel quite empowering to open Twitter in the morning to find that you are being followed by 20 new people.  More often than not, they are nice looking girls with profile pictures (not eggs) and I wonder why they are following me...

Latest trend for 'buying' followers - Is this really a good idea?

  There has been a lot on the press recently about people and businesses buying followers on Twitter.  Who wouldn't be tempted to have a ready audience for your service or product for less than the price of an evening out? If only it wa...

#Hashtags - Do's and Don'ts

  The hashtag was originally a means through which we could, within electronic communication platforms, identify groups and topics of interest and join in discussions with others interested in the same topic. It started on IRC networks b...

The Value of Video for Search Engine marketing

  Internet marketing makes it possible for smaller organizations and businesses to succeed in a big market at the fraction of the cost of conventional advertising. In contrast to standard advertising and marketing programs, internet marketing...

When you don't know what to tweet about - Eight suggestions for you

  I am often asked by my clients as to what they should be tweeting about, so here are some ideas to keep that Twitter 'Writer's Block' at bay.   Eight ideas for what you can tweet about when you don’t know what to tweet about You...

Hospitality News

Royal Orchid Hotels Adopt quickSTART Training from AHLEI

Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd is a rapidly growing hotel chain, which owns and manages 30 business and leisure hotels in 20 different locations in India and Africa. The group also operates the Presidency College of Hotel Management in India (Bangalore), which provides easy access to a ready pool of trained talent for keeping pace with the growing needs of the hospitality industry in India. Through the Presidency College of Hotel Management, the group has adopted the quickSTART line-level training and professional certification program from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). Royal Orchid Hotels will be using the programs to train and certify associates and aspiring students at the bottom of the pyramid. Royal Orchid Hotel Group was founded in 2001 by managing director and CEO Mr. Chender Baljee. The Presidency College of Hotel Management, which is also his brainchild, will be instrumental in monitoring and conducting the START and quickSTART program. With diverse social problems in India, Baljee formed the Baljee Foundation as part of a CSR initiative and established it in the year 2007. The foundation aims at empowering those in marginalized segments of the society, including girls, who cannot complete their education because of lack of funds and give them courage to move forward in their careers with the help of the START and quickSTART program. There is no obligation on the part of the students to work for Royal Orchid Group.START and quickSTART for Individual Positions provide resources for training new or prospective employees in general hospitality knowledge, soft skills, and position-specific knowledge, combined with the opportunity to earn professional certification. By bundling the training and professional certification into a single product, START and quickSTART provide organizations with streamlined, cost-effective training to bring employees on board quickly and provide workers with a portable, industry-recognized credential at the beginning of their hospitality career.Royal Orchid Hotels ltd. has positioned itself as the preferred group of hotels for the discerning global business /leisure traveler. Under its brand the choices of categories available are: • five-star business and leisure hotels, • business hotels, • long-stay hotels and • resorts In 1994, the Baljee Foundation opened the Presidency College of Hotel Management in Bangalore, India, to prepare future hospitality professionals. The college is one of AHLEI's Registered User Institutes. "We strongly believe in exceeding expectations with unparalleled levels of professionalism and making sure our guests enjoy a memorable experience always," said Baljee. "Providing AHLEI's quickSTART training and certification to our front-line employees will enable us to provide a consistent, high-quality guest experience throughout all of our properties."

Palace Resorts Names New Executives

Palace Resorts - the company that sets the standard in five-star, all-inclusive resort accommodations- is pleased to announce the addition of three new Business Development Managers to the brand's Field Sales Department. Gina Lavoice, Christina Kemp and Cindy Gongora will now manage the Eastern and Western markets, respectively. Following a record-breaking 2014, with a reported increase in travel demand, Palace Resorts is strengthening their sales department in an effort to continue this upward trend.

Hotel Marketing

Accor taking over Fastbooking

Fastbooking will continue to deliver innovative solutions designed to improve the performance and visibility of its clients, while operating independently within Accor. At the same time, the expertise of Fastbooking's teams will broaden the range of services that Accor can offer to its hotels.

Why hotels can no longer ignore Google

There was a time when hoteliers primarily worried about the impact of online travel agencies to direct business. Now, a new player is changing the hospitality industry: the metamediary.