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Twitter spam followers and Google search implications

  It may feel quite empowering to open Twitter in the morning to find that you are being followed by 20 new people.  More often than not, they are nice looking girls with profile pictures (not eggs) and I wonder why they are following me...

Latest trend for 'buying' followers - Is this really a good idea?

  There has been a lot on the press recently about people and businesses buying followers on Twitter.  Who wouldn't be tempted to have a ready audience for your service or product for less than the price of an evening out? If only it wa...

#Hashtags - Do's and Don'ts

  The hashtag was originally a means through which we could, within electronic communication platforms, identify groups and topics of interest and join in discussions with others interested in the same topic. It started on IRC networks b...

The Value of Video for Search Engine marketing

  Internet marketing makes it possible for smaller organizations and businesses to succeed in a big market at the fraction of the cost of conventional advertising. In contrast to standard advertising and marketing programs, internet marketing...

When you don't know what to tweet about - Eight suggestions for you

  I am often asked by my clients as to what they should be tweeting about, so here are some ideas to keep that Twitter 'Writer's Block' at bay.   Eight ideas for what you can tweet about when you don’t know what to tweet about You...

Hospitality News

PAR Springer-Miller Creates Spa Technology Hub in Toronto

PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. (PSMS) --- a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PAR) and the leading provider of guest-centric hospitality management systems today announces the expansion of their Markham, Ontario location to create a hub focused on providing the best spa technology available.

FCS Computer Systems Appoints Gary Etherington As National Sales Director for the United States

FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, has announced the appointment of Gary Etherington to the position of National Sales Director for the company's operations within the United States. As a result, Gary will represent FCS' continuing efforts to ensure that the company's industry-leading operational and guest satisfaction enhancing solutions are available for use by hospitality organizations throughout the country.

Hotel Marketing

Reinventing loyalty programs for the digital age

While retailers continue to invest heavily in loyalty, many are failing to successfully engage digital customers, with only 24 percent of loyalty programs allowing redemption through mobile, according to a new report from Capgemini.

Hotels make their accommodations more home-like

More people than ever are choosing vacation rentals over hotels. But hotels aren't taking this lying down. They're adding amenities to make their accommodations more home-like while retaining some of the best features of a hotel, like security and a consistent product.